Healthy Smiles Wellness Plan

In response to a growing trend of adults without dental insurance coverage, Steadman Family Dentistry is proud to be on the leading edge of offices around the country now offering an in-house plan for uninsured adults. We call is our Healthy Smiles Wellness Plan.

Affordable dental insurance coverage has become a national problem. Many adults today are either without insurance or unhappy with increasing premium costs and disappointed by cumbersome restrictions imposed by their dental insurance carriers. In short, our plan helps our patients stay healthy by making dental care more affordable. For an annual membership fee that is much less than traditional plans, patients receive two exams, two regular cleanings, two fluoride treatments and all necessary X-rays. IN ADDITION, our wellness plan patients receive a 15% discount on needed treatment up to $5,000 per year. There are no waiting periods, no insurance limitations or games to play, and patients pay for services they are actually using. 

Please ask us for details. Signing up is easy and you can relax again knowing that you can have your regular dental checkups and take care of your smile.

We take your health seriously and are committed to doing all we can to help you be your healthiest self!