While today’s modern health-centered dental practice deals with many issues, most dental conditions can be divided into two inter-related categories:  Bacterial Problems which cause gum disease and tooth decay; and Force Management Problems which negatively impact the teeth, bone, muscles, joints and gums.

Bacterial problems involving plaque management and good oral hygiene emphasis have historically been the mainstay of dental care.  This front line of dentistry addresses tooth decay, gum disease, periodontal disease, periodontal abscesses and eventual tooth loss. Bacterial problems can be prevented or corrected with traditional dental therapy.

At Steadman Family Dentistry we go beyond just addressing tooth decay and pleasing smiles because improper occlusal forces on the teeth can cause multiple problems such as excessive and destructive wear, mobile, cracked, and drifting teeth and joints that can become arthritic.  In many cases, patients also experience symptoms such as headaches and jaw or ear aches.  

Our comprehensive dental examination seeks to address the whole picture of the patient’s health in order to correctly diagnose what conditions may be present and the most effective means of treatment.  Our goal is to give you as much information about your health as we can so that you can control the direction you want your health to go.

Steadman Family Dentistry are hands down the best in Richmond, and arguably the best in the country.
— Brandon Rush, Los Angeles