Lacerations and Cuts

Any kind of cut to your face and the delicate soft tissues inside your mouth should be addressed immediately in order to prevent further tissue damage and infection. Dr. Steadman will be able to assess the damage and determine whether any sutures may be needed. Sutures in the mouth and lips are usually performed by Dr. Steadman. If they are in an aesthetic area, we would be happy to refer you down the hall to see a plastic surgeon. 

If a traumatic injury involves a broken facial bone such as the jaw, nose, chin or cheek, maxillofacial surgery may be required.

With jaw surgery, rubber bands, tiny wires, metal braces, screws or plates are often used to keep a fractured jaw in place following surgery. This allows the bone to heal and stay in proper alignment. Dental splints or dentures may also be required to supplement the healing process following jaw surgery.

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